Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pet Adoption (Guinea Pigs Adoption)

Our 2 guinea pigs are ready for adoption (whenever we can find a good family who wants to have them as pets). There is no hurry - we hope that who ever adopts them meet our criteria:
  • No cats & dogs in the household (dogs can be dangerous to rodents - Idon't even trust my own doggie to be around them -- she tends to be over enthusiastic!).
  • Very small kids who may mishandle them (falls can be fatal for the GP, and when tripped on or sat upon, these GPs will have little chance of 'making it alive'.
  • Time for the GPs -- they need to be played with, stroke, fed, bathed, and their areas kept clean.
  • A safe place - open garden may be good when there is supervision but certainly not advisable when left out without shelter (they can escape and become prey to birds).
  • Both Fluffy and Baby must be adopted together and not be separated because they are a bonded pair.
If you happen to read this blog and live in Hong Kong or know of someone who is looking to have guinea pigs as pets, please contact us (also view the ads here). Our last resort would be to leave them with the SPCA (HK) for adoption when the time comes but of course we prefer to screen the adoptees personally.


Blogger Boy-D said...


if you want to see a good site to help your next guinea pigs live even longer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These guinea pigs are adorable! I'm a huge fan of fuzzballs. If you like guinea pig gear, check out these guys on Zazzle:


7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah yvette

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Blogger Aleksejs said...

So sweety guinea pig! I have one too! But there is a manual how to change guinea pig bedding. On my mind this is the best manual of caring guinea pig.

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Anonymous guineapighutch said...

The Best Guinea Pig Care:

We need to be knowledgeable being a loving guinea pig keeper, that our pet Guinea pig is completely depending on us and we are the responsible for its daily food. If we want to see that it stay healthy and happy we should ensure its right food and necessary nutrients and vitamins.
Pellets will be the prime food for guinea pigs under 10 months old, and once they cross 10 months age we must switch them to timothy hay-layered pellets as it is high in calcium which is not advisable for senior guinea pigs. Since the pellets are the complete food for guinea pigs, we must sure that we get pellets that are specifically formulated with all the right nutrients and vitamins in it. An extra dose of vitamin ‘C’ is a vital supplement to our guinea pig`s health and may be a lack of vitamin’C’ can cause our pet to develop scurvy. The vitamin’C’ supplement food for guinea pigs can found in pet stores, which we can add to our pet during drinking water around 20 mg approximately each day, so as to see our pig fit. We can also allow fresh vegetable to eat our guinea pigs which are also important source of required vitamins and nutrients, as the green leafy vegetables helps get vitamin’C’ to pigs. Also we can give our Guinea bigs cabbage, dandelion greens, beet greens, dill weed, cilantro, mustard spinach, collards, spinach, Swiss chard, turnip greens, watercress, chicory greens too as a healthy food take carer.
The ceramic bowl which is hard to tip is advisable to use as food bowl, which should be high enough to hold back any dirty and contaminated bedding. The pigs needs a constant clean of source alongwith fresh water available with a bottle equipped with a “sipper” tube, which we must ensure clean as it can tend to become contaminated and clogged as the pig chews on the end of the sipper tube which can backwash its food particles up the tube. The guinea pig should have a wide and free cage with clean, so that it can move freely which is also very important.
There are many things we need to learn about proper guinea pig care and its beautiful cages like from GuineaPigHutch.com.au for a better and healthy pig maintenance. If we are new caring for guinea pigs, we can visit guinea pig hutches for better guidelines.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can I get a guinea pig in Hong Kong????

7:35 PM  
Anonymous guinea pig said...

did you find a home for the guinea pis yet ? such a cute little one somone will be lucky to have them

12:42 PM  

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