Monday, August 14, 2006

The Last Few Months

It had been a very hectic 3 months with lots of changes. Fluffy and Baby are now 16 & 15 months old respectively and still growing from strength to strength. They both are growing especially well now because they are "no longer scratching themselves".

2 months ago I noticed Fluffy scratching quite a bit and decided to send both to the SPCA vet. They were both given injections for mites infestations (only suspected) and they had gone for 2 visits in all (costing $400 +) for their medical treatments. I now bathe them in tea tree oil formulation (supposed to be good for anti-bacterial / anti-fungal protection). I believe these 2 GPs are now very happy because they are pop-corning more than before (I thought only the little ones do that).

Fluffy has his haircut twice -- it was "Floor-length" and very glossy, but it was hard to keep him clean when he's having such long hair! But his hair grows so fast that it will be long again in no time. We are getting them as much goodies as we can now -- it might be the last few months we can indulge them with the best. As we will be leaving HK in a few months time and will be travelling extensively, taking care of them will no longer be feasible and we will be putting them up for adoption to a good home. It is so sad but I believe they will bring much joy to another family just as they had brought to us the past year.


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