Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Charlie" the puppy is jealous of "Baby" the younger Guinea Pig

Learn more about Charlie in her own personal doggie BLOG. Charlie is an interesting character and very intelligent. We are still learning more about her as she is learning more about us :-). She is fast becoming a "trilingual doggie". Since she comes from Australia, we thought it would be good to start off speaking English with her -- but now we speak Mandarin and Cantonese with her too!

Charlie understands what is being said and can communicate with us through eye expressions and different barks. Charlie's pet peeves are ear cleaning and 'Baby' being carried by Mui. Charlie gets jealous easily. She does not play with Baby - she likes Fluffy very much. We have never carried Fluffy because he is an extremely fidgety GP and tries to escape from us whenever we carry him. Baby is always calm, less furry and very tame - thus he gets carried more often.


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