Sunday, September 03, 2006

Farewell to the Guinea Pigs

Finally a kind English family has adopted "Fluffy" and "Baby". I believe the two guinea pigs will have a happy new beginning again while still being together with each other. We got them weeks supply of their favorite staple food so that they & the family can make an easy transition without too much stress :-)

They will be missed but this blog and photos will continue to bring back happy memories of "Fluffy" & "Baby".

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pet Adoption (Guinea Pigs Adoption)

Our 2 guinea pigs are ready for adoption (whenever we can find a good family who wants to have them as pets). There is no hurry - we hope that who ever adopts them meet our criteria:
  • No cats & dogs in the household (dogs can be dangerous to rodents - Idon't even trust my own doggie to be around them -- she tends to be over enthusiastic!).
  • Very small kids who may mishandle them (falls can be fatal for the GP, and when tripped on or sat upon, these GPs will have little chance of 'making it alive'.
  • Time for the GPs -- they need to be played with, stroke, fed, bathed, and their areas kept clean.
  • A safe place - open garden may be good when there is supervision but certainly not advisable when left out without shelter (they can escape and become prey to birds).
  • Both Fluffy and Baby must be adopted together and not be separated because they are a bonded pair.
If you happen to read this blog and live in Hong Kong or know of someone who is looking to have guinea pigs as pets, please contact us (also view the ads here). Our last resort would be to leave them with the SPCA (HK) for adoption when the time comes but of course we prefer to screen the adoptees personally.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Last Few Months

It had been a very hectic 3 months with lots of changes. Fluffy and Baby are now 16 & 15 months old respectively and still growing from strength to strength. They both are growing especially well now because they are "no longer scratching themselves".

2 months ago I noticed Fluffy scratching quite a bit and decided to send both to the SPCA vet. They were both given injections for mites infestations (only suspected) and they had gone for 2 visits in all (costing $400 +) for their medical treatments. I now bathe them in tea tree oil formulation (supposed to be good for anti-bacterial / anti-fungal protection). I believe these 2 GPs are now very happy because they are pop-corning more than before (I thought only the little ones do that).

Fluffy has his haircut twice -- it was "Floor-length" and very glossy, but it was hard to keep him clean when he's having such long hair! But his hair grows so fast that it will be long again in no time. We are getting them as much goodies as we can now -- it might be the last few months we can indulge them with the best. As we will be leaving HK in a few months time and will be travelling extensively, taking care of them will no longer be feasible and we will be putting them up for adoption to a good home. It is so sad but I believe they will bring much joy to another family just as they had brought to us the past year.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Charlie" the puppy is jealous of "Baby" the younger Guinea Pig

Learn more about Charlie in her own personal doggie BLOG. Charlie is an interesting character and very intelligent. We are still learning more about her as she is learning more about us :-). She is fast becoming a "trilingual doggie". Since she comes from Australia, we thought it would be good to start off speaking English with her -- but now we speak Mandarin and Cantonese with her too!

Charlie understands what is being said and can communicate with us through eye expressions and different barks. Charlie's pet peeves are ear cleaning and 'Baby' being carried by Mui. Charlie gets jealous easily. She does not play with Baby - she likes Fluffy very much. We have never carried Fluffy because he is an extremely fidgety GP and tries to escape from us whenever we carry him. Baby is always calm, less furry and very tame - thus he gets carried more often.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Fluffy has a new Friend

It seems like ages since I have written about Fluffy and Baby. Work, endless studying, family, and a new puppy ... has taken so much of my time that taking care of these 2 pet GPs is now a family affair. Mui is supposed to change their water everyday and Mark feeds them. Mui plays with 'Baby' many times a day - and that makes Charlie very jealous!

Charlie is our new puppy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She has taken great interest in the guinea pigs and seemed to want to play with them -- but we were not taking any chances. The GPs are very well protected in a cage. Only either Charlie can be out of the cage or the GPs, never both together. Charlie pounces and grabs things that move and shakes them vigorously. We do not trust her with our precious GPs.

Fluffy and Charlie seems to like each other very much. Fluffy comes to the side of the cage and popcorned when he sees Charlie and Charlie likes to "sniff" Fluffy's nose through the cage while doing a puppy bow (meaning she wants to play). It's quite a sight. But yes, Fluffy also pounces on the cage (trying to startle the pigs and make them run).